Laser Association (LAS) was established in Moscow in April of 1990 as a non-governmental and non-profit organization. By now 288 corporate members and over 500 individual members joined LAS. Though some of the first LAS corporate members stopped their “laser” work due to changing of specialization or even were winded up, LAS is still the main organization integrating CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) laser society. Among the active corporate members of LAS are practically all "old" laser centers of the former Soviet Union - academic research institutes, state laser design offices and enterprises, industrial laser technology laboratories - and a large part of the new small enterprises and joint-stock companies on the territory of the former USSR which are specializing in laser development and applications and have strengthened themselves during recent 5 years. Foreign laser companies which are interested in dealing with CIS countries join the Laser Association as well.
LAS promotes the information exchange in the laser field by publishing special bulletins, reference-books, catalogues, by organizing laser exhibitions and workshops, etc.; helps in establishing of mutually useful and beneficial contacts between LAS members and with LAS members, acts as an independent expert and consultant on lasers and laser applications in Russia and other former USSR countries.
While forming the internal laser market of CIS countries, LAS at the same time stimulates international activity of its members by helping them to exhibit their products abroad, to invite potential foreign partners to visit CIS laboratories and enterprises, to organize the joint projects and joint ventures. Within the framework of Russian-German S&T cooperation LAS, together with VDI-TZ (Dusseldorf) and IES (Hannover) hold innovation management (including international business relations) training courses for CIS laser specialists.
Corporate and personal members of LAS altogether represent today more than 15 thousand laser specialists from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan. 7 LAS Regional Centres are active in Russia, 7 more - in CIS countries and Baltia.

LAS Activites

LAS Services

For its international members, LAS essentially offers a wealth of information services on laser activity within the CIS. In addition to information, LAS provide its international members expert advise and assistance on how do business within the CIS. A synopsis of these services follows:

LAS can arrange for laser symposiums, expositions, meetings, and conferences on laser technology both within the CIS and abroad. For those attending these sessions LAS can arrange for contacts with CIS experts who can address specific technical laser questions and requirements and support in the reports, studies, research, etc.